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Practical Strategies for Risk Management
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Join us for a free webinar: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 11:00 a.m. ET

Encapsulated products are on the rise as new chemical and biologic entities require their simplicity, elimination of heat and expedited speed to market for smaller targeted cohorts. The ability to use capsules successfully in the manufacturing environment starts with the earliest decisions by formulators making appropriate choices and concludes with operations providing the targeted training and equipment optimization.

This webinar is designed to step through a series of practical strategies for mitigating risk from beginning to successful conclusion and will discuss the quality solutions that can put you ahead of the game.

A black belt quality engineer, formulation scientist and technical service engineer will share their experiences in reducing variability by polymer choice, ensuring the formula and the equipment match, and covering the proactive use of equipment maintenance and standardized procedures on the manufacturing floor.


Key Learning Points:

Using the capsule as a form of risk management.
Approaches to managing risk and optimizing time savings during encapsulated drug development and production.
Equipment training and optimization that is key before and during production runs.
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About Our Guests
Paul G. Davis

Paul G. Davis
Senior Technical
Service Engineer

Paul G. Davis is a Sr. Technical Service Engineer for Capsugel Inc. covering the West Coast and has 28 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical and Herb Manufacturing. He has worked as an operator, Supervisor and Plant Manager in the Industry. He Graduated from Utah Valley University in Business. He is a certified SixSigma Greenbelt. Today He works with hundreds of manufacturing companies on improving their Processes, Quality and Efficiencies in manufacturing and packaging processes. He is married and with his wife have five children and three Grandchildren.
Gerard R. Scarlato, Ph.D

Gerard Scarlato, Ph.D
Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager



Gerard Scarlato received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the area of synthetic carbohydrate chemistry and received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Organic Chemistry at the University of California-Los Angeles. From his academic training, he went on to work as a medicinal chemist for several years. He then transitioned to the business development side, where over the last 16 years he has held global positions at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Evotec OAI, Cambrex, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, and currently is employed by Capsugel Inc. He is the author of several chemistry patents and papers in the areas of the total synthesis of natural products, diabetes and inflammation.
Tim Sopko

Tim Sopko
Field Service Engineer

Tim has been in the Pharmaceutical industry for four decades. During that time, he has been involved in most aspects including Quality Control, Oncology/Parenteral Filling, Clinical Research & Manufacture, Oral dosage Formulation, and Lab-to-Production Scale-Up Operations. A major part of his career has been acting as a Liaison/Troubleshooter for the varied logistical problems that occur between the research/lab scale operations and production department technology transfer.
About Our Host
Meg Snyder
Meg Snyder
Pharmaceutical Processing

Meg Snyder is the Editor of Pharmaceutical Processing, and oversees the development of the editorial content for the print, web, and e-newsletter offerings. She is a journalist and medical writer with a background in news features. Meg has written on disease states for a variety of medical specialties, such as rheumatology, neurology, obstetrics, psychiatry, primary care, as well as others.

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